Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sunday After

Today was all about the Kennedy Space Center.  I had never been before as there was always too much to do in Orlando but everyone I had talked to said it was worth a visit.  It didnt take long to drive from the hotel to the space center.  There was a lot to see at the center, there was a talk from an astronaut John-David Bartoe who had flown on the shuttle and stayed on the ISS.  It was interesting to hear his account first hand and he answered questions form the audience afterwards.  Around the center there are lots of real rockets, technology and information from the space race history.  One of the best exhibits is you get to see the space shuttle Atlantis up close.
As part of the day you can take a coach ride around all the launch facilities.  You get to see the massive rocket hangers, the caterpillar tracks that take the rockets to the launch areas and some of the launch areas themselves.
It had threatened rain all day but it held off until 5 where it came down in torrential fashion so I called it a day and headed over to the east coast to Tampa..

Hotel for the night

Found the car projects a mustang logo on the floor at night when you unlock it

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