Sunday, 1 October 2017

Saturday After

Woke up and checked out of the Double Tree.  I used the Lyft app to get to the airport as I was picking up a car there so I can get around for the next few days.  I had gone for a standard convertible and they pointed me to a row of cars and said choose any in that row, the keys are in the car.  That was in, I was left to work out the features of the car for myself and head out. 
Todays destination was cocoa beach.  I was thinking about maybe doing some jet skiing or windsurfing depending on conditions.  I headed to the jet ski place first, the sun was out and the water was calm.  They guys there were really friendly and had a great time blasting around on a jet ski.  You had to stay within an area which was the only criticism, it would have been better to be able to go further afield but at least I was always in view in case of any issues.  After the jet ski, I took a drive around, there wasn't a great deal to see.  I did stop off at one beach and had a look and there was some nice rollers coming in, would have been great fun on a boogie board. 
One place I stopped off at to get some food and had a walk round was the first place that I had seen some real hurricane damage.  There were boats smashed up against the shore, sunk and piers smashed up.

Jet ski video

Hire Car

Hurricane damage

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